1. What is WineTrust?

WineTrust is a tightly edited selection of the very best of the wine world. We are all about selection and specifically our aim is to take the risk out of buying wine by focusing our efforts and expertise into finding the best wines of their type. We will, for instance, only have one Sancerre on our list, but it will be what we consider to be the leading Sancerre, both in terms of quality and value.

2. Don’t all wine retailers do this?

Surprisingly, no they don’t. Many will purposely select wines that are not available elsewhere in the UK. This way they can set unreasonably high, but unchallengeable ‘original retail prices’, and show a false discount to their customers.

3. Who chooses your wine?

The WineTrust team works with Masters of Wine and our suppliers to regularly devise a shortlist of wines that are then tasted and discussed. Only those wines on which the team reach a consensus are selected for the WineTrust site.

4. What is a Master of Wine?

A Master of Wine holds the ultimate qualification there is in wine  [Link to this information on Masters of Wine site]. To date there are still only 322 people in the world who have reached this level of expertise (more people than this have been in space!).

5. Who are WineTrust’s customers?

Literally anyone that loves food and wine and is passionate about quality. Our belief is that exceptional wines can be enjoyed at very reasonable prices if extraordinary effort and high expertise is applied to the selection process.

6. How much do your wines cost?

Approximately one third of our wines are £10 or less; a total two thirds are £15 or less. We have approximately 50 wines priced at over £15

7. Do you offer discounts?

Unlike the majority of online wine retailers, we do not inflate our original prices to offer fictitious discounts. Where we do offer discounts we are typically selling these wines below our cost prices and have a genuine reason why we are clearing these wines – normally so we can move onto the next vintage when it becomes available or to make room for new wines we’ve selected for listing.

8. How do you reward loyal customers?

We are passionate about customer service and we like to say thank you to our regular customers by awarding WineTrust points. We award one point for every pound spent, and when a customer reaches a total of £2,000 we credit £120 to our customers’ account, which they can spend on any wines on the site.

9. How often do you change your list?

Typically we change our list every month, selecting five to seven new wines to be added to the site.

10. Can I place a regular order?

We have a subscription club where you can sign up to receive a regular case, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, containing wines we select for you. This is a very convenient way to buy our wines – and allows you to try exciting wine styles you might not normally choose. It is also the most efficient way to buy our wines as these cases always work out cheaper than selecting the bottles in them yourself.
Delivery on our subscription cases is always free.


COVID-19 update

The health and safety of our employees and customers is always our priority and we are closely following government guidelines in the current climate. If you don’t want to sign for a delivery, the driver will take a picture as delivery confirmation instead. If you don’t want to open the door, just let us know in the “delivery instructions” box where to leave your wine. Due to the unprecedented volume of orders deliveries may take a little longer than usual to arrive, we apologise for any inconvenience and hope that you will understand.

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