MWS: how it works


MWS stands for Master of Wine Score.

Quite simply, wines with a high MWS over-deliver for their price. Those that stand out for their inherent quality, character and interest make our long list. Our Masters of Wine consult us regularly on selecting standout wines against their peers, which sometimes can be hotly debated!

Even experts are influenced by personal preference, so working closely with our Masters of Wine and numerous suppliers is fundamental to not only the excellence of the process, but ensuring a balanced and an objective evaluation. Between us our constant aim is to select a balanced range of wines of fantastic quality, with wines that we guarantee every wine lover will, well, love.

MWS Score

Look out for our MWS score

Our regular taste-offs pitch wines for a prized WineTrust slot against each other. We rate each wine for its quality – its vibrancy, balance and character. We consider how and when you, our customer, would be drinking it – that is why we include food matching suggestions for example.

We then take our quality score and relate it to the selling price to give our MWS – the final score you see on the website. Only wines with a high MWS – i.e. 90 and above – make it into the WineTrust.


Like many wine enthusiasts we know, and love, some of the greatest, most iconic wines in the world. But with reputation and rarity come prices that are influenced as much by fashion and status as by what is actually in the bottle.

We think a little differently… we want our prices to reflect foremost the value of the wine – that you are getting more than your money’s worth! The MWS score provides a “seal of approval” – a guarantee of great quality.

The quest for WineTrust is an amazing challenge: to produce a constantly updated selection of  brilliant wines, chosen to delight and satisfy, at prices within the reach of aspiring as well as dedicated wine lovers.”


COVID-19 update

The health and safety of our employees and customers is always our priority and we are closely following government guidelines in the current climate. If you don’t want to sign for a delivery, the driver will take a picture as delivery confirmation instead. If you don’t want to open the door, just let us know in the “delivery instructions” box where to leave your wine. Due to the unprecedented volume of orders deliveries may take a little longer than usual to arrive, we apologise for any inconvenience and hope that you will understand.

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