Why WineTrust?


WineTrust brings a new and fresh approach to buying wine. Its founder argues that existing retailers often mislead their customers when selling wine.

Find our core values below.

Wine drinking is one of the most sociable and widely enjoyed activities in society today, Nick's Top 10 - Plus two FREE mystery bottles!whether with food or simply to relax with friends.

But John Valentine, a veteran of Retail Marketing and Distribution, felt consumers were being short changed. They were often at risk of buying poor quality wines, at inflated prices, simply because they had no real way of discerning VALUE (quality for the price) at the point of purchase.

Passionate about quality and value, he knew that consumers were being taken advantage of by many wine retailers, both in the high street and online.

Simply put, most of the cost of a £6 bottle of wine is tax, retailer margin, distribution and packaging – with very little left over for a quality product.  He also knew that selling cheap product at inflated prices (often later with artificial discounts) is a practice that is wide spread, simply because retailers were able to get away with it.

With the help of a team of Masters of Wine, John set about the search for reasonably priced wines that were exceptional in their quality – with a view to offering them as a limited list directly to consumers.

WineTrust was born.

WineTrust100 Starter Case of 6Festive Premium Case of 12Since WineTrust launched it has built up a strong following of loyal customers, who have been impressed by not only the quality of the wines, but the great service and prices.

John Valentine, Founder of WineTrust

John Valentine, Founder of WineTrust

WineTrust recently did a ‘Head to Head, blind tasting” in a city based, Members Only Club. The Club set out their 8 best selling wines, against the equivalent wines from WineTrust and asked their management committee and staff to judge what they liked best.

WineTrust’s selection scored 8-nil against the best of what was being offered, and won an exclusive supply contact for the club.

WineTrust has since been praised for its fresh and honest approach to wine selection and retailing.



The key word is Trust – quite simply we aim to source to the highest standards – and reflect that in both the quality of the wines along with fairness and consistency of pricing.

What we believe in and set out to achieve

  • We always buy on the principle of quality first. We then correlate that with the cost price of the wine and how this relates to its selling price
    • If the wine is not of high enough quality (for its price) it is rejected
    • If the wine is of good quality but doesn’t meet out 90 point minimum MWS marking criteria it is also rejected
  • Not only do we strive for quality wines, but also a quality selection. We constantly look to source a mixture of consumer favourites, but also search out new and exciting areas and grape varieties. We believe striking this balance is an essential aspect of our offering
  • We specifically work with specialists – including winemakers, proprietors, suppliers and Masters of Wine – who bring both expertise to defined areas and regions, but also access to special, or more limited parcels of wine. We will continue to go forward on this basis
  • We offer straight forward and fair pricing, with no gimmicks. We look to provide a cross section of wines, priced to provide the scope for everyday drinking but also finer, or rarer, examples for special occasions and enthusiasts
    • We never buy on pricing for pricing’s sake – with today’s duty and taxation rates there are simply no wines to be found of the quality we require at “bargain basement” prices
    • When we offer wines with a discounted or special price it is always a genuine promotional offer. We will never inflate retail pricing simply to offer a “fake” discount, or offer, back to customers
  • We support all listings with what we hope is interesting, original and informative backgrounds, supported with mailers and general internet communications
  • But ultimately we want our customers to enjoy and enthuse about the wines we offer – and if they do not, for whatever reason, we will refund or replace without quibble. We accept that however hard we focus on quality, we may not always get the exact style that everyone likes for a specific wine, or occasion



COVID-19 update

The health and safety of our employees and customers is always our priority and we are closely following government guidelines in the current climate. If you don’t want to sign for a delivery, the driver will take a picture as delivery confirmation instead. If you don’t want to open the door, just let us know in the “delivery instructions” box where to leave your wine. Due to the unprecedented volume of orders deliveries may take a little longer than usual to arrive, we apologise for any inconvenience and hope that you will understand.

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